Sending Predators Back to Nature

The E-Shepherd collar normally remains in standby mode. When the sheep is disturbed and begins to move outside its normal motion pattern at the point of attack, the collar is activated.

The activated collar sends out an alarm that is particularly irritating to the jackal and rooikat, as well as bright flashing lights, that unnerve and disorientate the predator. This breaks the rhythm of an attack, and repels the predator. Since sheep flock together, several of the devices will trigger together, further confusing the predator.

Because a sheep is an easy prey, the jackal or rooikat will naturally try to attack again, and be repelled, until it eventually turns its focus to a different type of prey. In this manner, the predator is encouraged to revert to its traditional hunting patterns, such as rats and mice, guinea fowl and hares.

The unit

When designing the product we aimed to provide a unit that is cost-effective and independently functioning, while still being robust, weather-proof and requiring little maintenance.

The collar is comprised of a strong, adjustable, breathable fabric, with a small unit, incorporating LED lights and high frequency transducer, as well as a replaceable battery. The battery has an anticipated lifetime of approximately 14 to 16months, depending on how frequently the collar is activated. It is easy to fit the collar to the sheep, and the collar can readily be moved to those animals that are most at risk, particularly over the lambing period.