Sending Predators Back to Nature

E-Shepherd has been tested over a period of three years under numerous field and farming conditions, as well as on different breeds of sheep and goats. The product remains successful in repelling predators and eventually reducing the incidence of attacks on a herd by the predator.

Our trials report decreases in stock losses and injuries due to attacks. The latest ongoing independent studies also show very promising and exciting results when used against leopards.

Our trials initially focussed on a ratio of 1 collar per ten ewes, and 1 collar per 8 ewes in breeds of sheep that graze further apart. More recent reports from further investigations and field experience have shown that this ratio can be tailored to the breed of sheep, and the farm conditions, having consideration for the size of the camp and flock, and the presence of mountainous and bushy countryside.

Our work with farmers in the field has allowed us to be flexible in the design of the product and to incorporate the needs of our clients into the development of a quality, innovative and effective end-product. Our new module has just been released to market and incorporates the advice, recommendations and observations received from numerous trials and field reports over the past 4 years.